Top Family-Friendly Cities for Europe Travel


Photo above is a view of Tuileries Garden in Paris.

Trying to assess which cities are popular for family travel tourists, we rely on news media accounts and travel industry figures. But there are so many factors, like things-to-do, kid-friendly places to eat, open space parks, or family-friendly hotels, and so on. And so many resources, with differing opinions.

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I wanted to examine which cities are most popular and commonly make it onto a list of best cities for family European travel.

This study includes results from 6 online lists of European cities that are good for family travel: a travel news source, a wide-topic news source, and 4 travel bloggers. Combining all the cities on the 6 lists, there are 26 included cities. (See the list resource links below.)

Eleven of the 26 cities earned a place on more than one of the lists. Scroll down to see the results, starting with the top two cities for family travel which were included on 5 of the 6 lists, London and Barcelona.

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These two cities were included on five of the six Top Family-Friendly Cities in Europe lists:

Barcelona Barcelona

london London


These three cities were included on three of the six Top Family-Friendly Cities in Europe lists:

Paris Hotel Family Rooms Paris

Florence-150x150 Florence

rome Rome


These six cities were included on two of the six Top Family-Friendly Cities in Europe lists: Amsterdam

Berlin Reichstag Berlin

Edinburgh Edinburgh



Prague-City-Page Prague

Here are the online list resources and the cities each included for best European family-friendly travel:

(the pink titles are links)


Budget Travel

10 Most Family-Friendly Cities in Europe, by Kerry Lyons
The cities on this list were not numerically ranked, and the intro included this statement about families: “In fact, these 10 cities will greet you with open arms.”
Each city’s profile has sections titled What To Do, Where To Stay, and Where To Eat, with links to further references.

Halkidiki, Greece


U.S. News Travel

Best Family Vacations in Europe
13 places numerically ranked by U.S. News Travel editors. Buttons are included for reader voting. For each city, the ‘read more’ link’ leads to Best Things to Do, Best Hotels, When to Visit, and Getting Around.

1. London
2. Rome
3. Barcelona
4. Paris
5. Florence
6. Lisbon
7. Edinburgh
8. Prague
9. Madrid
10. Stockholm
11. Berlin
12. Seville
13. Sicily


Family Travel Scoop

Europe With Kids – Best Places To Visit On Your European Family Holidays
Intro states “Choose from these 10 best places for your European family holidays.”

Crete, Greece
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


Wendy Perrin

5 European Cities that are Surprisingly Kid-Friendly, by Brook Wilkinson
The website’s Trusted Travel Experts compiled the list, which isn’t numerically ranked.
Dijon, France



Travel with Bender

Top Family Friendly Destinations in Europe, a guest post by Mary Holmes
The list of “European cities suitable for” kids, “while allowing…plenty of adult time” isn’t numerically ranked.

Bernese Oberland, Switzerland


Little Passports

4 Great European Cities for Families!, guest post by Lara Takenaga
From the intro, “These four cities offer sights and activities that both children and their parents will enjoy.”

Marseille, France

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We hope these lists of the most popular European cities for family travel spark inspiration and start the travel planning for your next family adventure!

-Sandy Nielsen


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