How to Take Better Travel Photos


I wish to be a better photographer. Of distant landscapes. Of towering buildings. Of architectural or garden close-ups. Or even of my teens who hate being the subjects of my photos.

But alas, though the interest is still there, and I wrote a previous blog article about How to Take Great Family Travel Photos which included eight wonderful how-to links for beginner photography, I have not improved. I just keep pointing and shooting with my simple digital camera. It could produce better photos than the two ‘ok’ shots I took in Los Angeles, above, if I practiced the techniques for using said camera.

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We recently heard from a visitor to Sleeps5 who let us know that one of the links mentioned in my previous blog article was broken, and she also pointed us toward another wonderful travel photography resource from Tripbuzz: Ultimate Guide to Travel Photography (Thanks, Stephanie!) Included are links to other websites, including 4 to Equipment and Tools, 4 to Travel Photography Tips and Advice, 4 to Travel Photography Sites, and 4 to Contests for photographers. There are so many resources in that one article, something for everyone no matter what their photography interests.

Now perhaps I’ll persuade myself to make my own photography interests a priority and start learning how to make my photos better!

Then again, check out the photos taken by Bethaney, of, who also wants to learn more about photography, but proves that great images sometimes just happen.

-Sandy Nielsen



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