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Finding Vancouver Travel Deals

If you watched the Olympics and want to see the beauty and experience the hospitality of Vancouver yourself, here are some travel experts to tell you how: Vancouver beckons with Post-Olympics dealsTOM PARSONS BEST FARES, from Dallas Tourism Vancouver

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Seattle to Vancouver Olympics Day Trip: Cheap and Quick

Inspired by Holly (see her Olympics blog post), who went to Vancouver from Seattle in one day with her husband and son, we decided to make the trek, too. We are definitely not naturally spontaneous people, so this was out of our comfort zone. I tentatively thought Thursday might work best for us, and on…

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My Olympic Moment

The beauty of living in Seattle, when the Olympics are going on in Vancouver, is that you can get a wild hair idea on Saturday night which results in an early morning race for the border.  Olympics here we come.  I love Canadians — even the border patrol seemed happy to see us.  First stop was at…

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