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Airbnb Experience with the Family: 6 Pluses & Minuses

Our Family Used Airbnb in Europe – A Review Toe in the Airbnb Water This is the travel year the Jacobsen Family would jump into the modern travel world via Airbnb. One would think that with my own travel site, bargain shopping habits, and burgeoning family, I would have been an early adopter. Not so!…

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Family of Five List of All-Inclusive Vacation Resorts

How to Book a Hotel for Family of 5, 6, or 7

Those of you seeking a list of vacation resorts that can accommodate a family of five without requiring booking two rooms can thank Tammi, a Canadian mom of three girls. She thoroughly researched your options! She posted her compiled list in 2013 on her very popular blog, My Organized Chaos, which focuses on family life,…

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See Venice via Google Treks and DK – photos and maps

Imagining Venice: Stunning photos help us visualize our travel plans. I usually purchase a few travel-guide-books, sometimes even used-travel-guide-books to save money. (The landmarks won’t change much year to year, and I use the internet to get updated visitor info.) Often those books have plain pages, or perhaps black and white photos. To help us…

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Family of 5 in Paris for 106 Euros Per Person Per Day

Tuileries Garden View

My family of 5 went to Paris in June of 2012. We are 2 adults (hubby and me), and three teenage boys: 17, 13, 13 (twins). We travel frugal-ish. We stay in nice but budget-friendly hotels, and we eat at restaurants that offer good food at a reasonable price. We use public transportation, and we…

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Portland, Oregon: 3 Days for Family with 3 Kids

Three boys and luggage, loaded in the Toyota minivan! Spring Break is coming up. We live in Seattle, so a 3-day budget road trip to Portland, Oregon is easy. No airplane expense or hassles required. The picture to the right shows the 11-year olds in the middle seats, ready to spot landmarks, and the 15-year…

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How to Find Family Airline Ticket Savings

Anyone can learn how to save money on airfare by reading the articles produced by the staff at Their web pages are detailed with easy to follow steps, and some have accompanying video reports. As the CEO, Rick Seaney, says on the company’s website, “I want to help travelers fly wherever they want, at…

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Budget Manhattan: NYC with kids

Five for budget family travel to New York City: 1. Here is a great website set up primarily for Dads with lists of inexpensive or free things to do in NYC. ( 2. Something we like to take advantage of as well is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park. Children under 12 are…

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Best FREE Photo Editing Sites – links to reviews

My family travel photos are so plain. Most are of the 3 kids, who hate when I pull out the camera, try to duck out of the shot, and only stand or sit still after I’ve threatened or bribed them sufficiently. Typically, each photo has 3 miserable looking boys, positioned stiffly in front of some significant location,…

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