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Cherry Tree Blossoms

Cherry Blossom Festivals for Families

Help! We’re drowning . . . Here in the Pacific Northwest, the cherry blossoms have burst open, saving the beleaguered denizens of the dark and damp. This winter, especially, has settled in like a watery vortex over our little corner of the country. But, just as we all cried a collective “Uncle”, the cherry trees […]

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Sleeps5--It's Black History Month, let's Celebrate!

Sleeps5–It’s Black History Month, let’s Celebrate!

What Is It? It’s Black History Month in the USA and the teacher in me just can’t help herself.  Readers will find below a collection of some of the sites that represent the accomplishments, contributions and stories of African-Americans in the United States. And for further information, I have included some links to various prominent […]

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Valentine’s Day around the Puget Sound

Seattle skyline on a rare clear day. Granted it is dark and rainy at one in the afternoon here in Seattle, but still the beleaguered citizens of Pugetopia can find their romantic venues.  This particular blog may step away from our family-of-five tradition and instead embrace the originating couple.  Here are some of our favorites. […]

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Seattle for Families: Take a Walk on the Wild side

Despite its urban feel, Seattle is surprisingly filled with an abundance of nature especially of the winged variety. If your family needs a reprieve from the hyper stimulation of the Science Center, the Waterfront and Pike Place Market, consider a lesser known but memorable tour through Seattle’s wild side. Starting at the University of Washington […]

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Our Boys’ Seattle Favorites

Visitors and natives like to joke about the rain. I’ve lived here since I was 13 and am used to the joking and the rain. And, though I’m proud to be part of a family with 5 generations born in super-sunny California, I now find Seattle’s frequently gray skies soothing. Whether it’s a sunny or […]

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My Olympic Moment

The beauty of living in Seattle, when the Olympics are going on in Vancouver, is that you can get a wild hair idea on Saturday night which results in an early morning race for the border.  Olympics here we come.  I love Canadians — even the border patrol seemed happy to see us.  First stop was at […]

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Seattle to L.A. in the Family Mobile

Family Jacobsen has had many the quintessential road trip around and about the U.S.; our favorite has to be the Seattle to Disneyland Express. Express is probably the wrong word here since we usually take Highway 101, but with the carrot of Disneyland at the end we manage to make it there in decent humor. […]

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