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Mt. Rainier, Washington

Happy 2016–Take that Trip!

My family said goodbye to 2015 amidst the bang of distant fireworks, clatter of pans banging and voices cheering–our poor dog hid in the basement. We prayed for the safety of our pseudo-adult children somewhere out there with their fellow revelers cheering in the New Year. While 2015 brought many wonderful events for us, including […]

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5 Best Family Travel Gadgets

5 Best Family Travel Gadgets

Travel items need to be compact and very useful, maximizing function, meeting crucial travel needs, while being easy to pack. In previous posts, we showed you How to Make Suitcases Easy to Spot, and Nintendo DS Lite and Multi Chargers and Vehicle Power Adapters. Here are 5 more extremely handy travel items to make small-item […]

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Palm Springs Fun for the Family or (Thank Goodness the Sun is Shining Somewhere)

About late February, the moss encrusted souls of the Pacific Northwest will succumb to the drizzle doldrums (DD). This seasonal disease can only be partially remedied by coffee, chocolate and light therapy. Thankfully, God created Palm Springs. Palm Springs and the neighboring towns have many things to offer families of all interests. The natural beauty […]

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Family of Five List of All-Inclusive Vacation Resorts

Those of you seeking a list of vacation resorts that can accommodate a family of five without requiring booking two rooms can thank Tammi, a Canadian mom of three girls. She thoroughly researched your options! She posted her compiled list a year ago on her very popular blog, My Organized Chaos, which focuses on family […]

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NYC for Families on a Budget

I have written past blogs about our favorite budget options in NYC, but the more I go there the more things I discover. Here are some new favorites. Museums: If you have a specific museum you want to visit, check out their website. Almost all of them have either a “free day” or a donation […]

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