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Best Cooling Towels

Our Guide to 7 of the Best Cooling Towels for Hot Weather Are you sensitive to hot weather? When the temperature outside is in the 80s or 90s (Fahrenheit) or anywhere above 28 Celsius, do you feel intensely uncomfortable? (Affiliate disclosure – at no extra cost to you, using a link below to check product…

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5 Best Family Travel Gadgets

Travel items need to be compact and very useful, maximizing function, meeting crucial family travel needs, while being easy to pack. In previous posts, we showed you DIY and handy luggage tags in How to Make Suitcases Easy to Spot, and for recharging cell phones or other devices away from the hotel room, our review…

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Family Luggage – How to Make Suitcases Easy to Spot

Airport carousels, train or shuttle bus shelves, and hotel luggage storage closets can be a jumble of suitcases. Fittingly, since we operate Sleeps5, travel is one of our favorite family things to do. So we’ve seen many rows, piles, and carts full of luggage. If you’re like me, and find family travel makes you a…

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Why do families travel?– “Are we there yet?”

The photo above is of exhausted teen travelers in Rome. 8 Reasons Why Travel is Good for a Family Let’s face it, there is always a point on any family trip when you wonder why you ever ventured from your front yard. Travel Can Be Difficult For the Jacobsen five, our lowest of lows came…

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Airbnb Experience with the Family: 6 Pluses & Minuses

Our Family Used Airbnb in Europe – A Review Toe in the Airbnb Water This is the travel year the Jacobsen Family would jump into the modern travel world via Airbnb. One would think that with my own travel site, bargain shopping habits, and burgeoning family, I would have been an early adopter. Not so!…

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Latest Manhattan Discoveries for Sleeps5 Families: off the Beaten Path

Here are 3 places to explore in New York City, beyond the usual must-see attractions on a Big Apple visit. Something for everyone!   Walkers: My daughter and I stumbled into lush and leafy Teardrop Park tucked between residential buildings in Battery Park City of Lower Manhattan. This park is definitely aimed at kid fun…

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Happy 2016–Take that Trip!

Mt. Rainier, Washington

My family said goodbye to 2015 amidst the bang of distant fireworks, clatter of pans banging and voices cheering–our poor dog hid in the basement. We prayed for the safety of our pseudo-adult children somewhere out there with their fellow revelers cheering in the New Year. While 2015 brought many wonderful events for us, including…

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Top Family-Friendly Cities for Europe Travel

Photo above is a view of Tuileries Garden in Paris. Trying to assess which cities are popular for family travel tourists, we rely on news media accounts and travel industry figures. But there are so many factors, like things-to-do, kid-friendly places to eat, open space parks, or family-friendly hotels, and so on. And so many…

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25 Best Disney Websites to Save You Money

Disney Saving Money Websites

While searching the internet for Disneyland Anaheim-area hotels with rooms big enough for a family of 5 or more, I came across so many wonderful websites devoted to helping people visit a Disney park (or cruise) without spending too much money.   See our Sleeps5 family hotels pages for large family rooms for Disney World in…

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