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Travel with 3 Boys: Incentive to Behave

The problem: They fight! It is not easy to corral 3 boys, which is frequently necessary when traveling. There are always waits for boardings, check-ins, subways, tables, and much more. And when the boys are corralled, they use tactics like a pinch or prod to annoy one another for entertainment, or for revenge from some […]

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City Tour – Top Pick for Family Travel

A bus tour was not included on our London agenda years ago because they are expensive, at least for our tight budget. But we splurged last summer, taking a live-guide bus tour of Munich, and a few days later, a recorded-audio bus tour of Berlin. Now that we’ve experienced those tours in Germany, we will […]

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Buy Kids a Nintendo DS Adapter for Europe Travel

We prepared thoroughly for our dream vacation to Germany last summer. Gathered over a period of months: travel books, passports, Google maps, email hotel confirmations, fanny packs, and of course, International Plug Adapters for all the electronics. We knew that nearly every day we’d need to charge the laptop, the digital camera, the second digital […]

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