School Group Travel Insurance Warning


I recently wrote about travel insurance for families (See previous post: Family Travel Insurance – Be a Smart Buyer), and today came across this article in the Seattle Times online that came from Detroit Free Press by Ellen Creager. The article is titled Don’t buy insurance from your tour operator. It warns that doing so could mean you have no protection if the tour operator goes out of business.

What I never thought about before, is that this applies to school tour groups, too. So even when your teenager brings home all the paperwork from school for that great trip to a city far away with the language or band or history class, and you’re spending hours reading the details, filling out forms, and writing the travel deposit checks, and selecting the tour group’s insurance option looks so easy – STOP! Don’t do it. Immediately find travel insurance elsewhere – you must purchase the insurance within 7-14 days. See the article for more details and instructions.

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