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My daughter just returned from Rome with her Latin class — lucky girl. Looking through her beautiful photos has me reminiscing. Check out this article with photos for a little virtual traveling EuroCheapo.

Also for some great cost saving and consumer advice, EuroCheapo has an informative article regarding dining for the uninitiated or budget traveler to Rome.

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Rome provided many wonderful eating experiences but our first day, jet-lagged and starving, we unwittingly sat down at an uninhabited restaurant only to eat some very tired, soggy bread with tomato sauce spread on it that cost us three times the amount noted on the cafeteria reader board (because we sat down). Uninhabited and sit down are the key watch words here – be wary of an empty restaurant and don’t sit down at a cafe unless you know what the charge will be.
This was our only eating snag in Rome and really not that big of a deal compared to the incredible backdrop surrounding us.

Holly Jacobsen


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