Prague: Summer 2012 with Family of Five


The City of Prague by William Jeffery Prowse

I dwelt in a city enchanted,
And lonely indeed was my lot; . . .
Though the latitude’s rather uncertain,
And the longitude also is vague,
The persons I pity who know not the City
The beautiful City of Prague.

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The city of “golden spires” has captured the imagination of our family. It has the intrigue of the iron curtain era, an underground literary world, the velvet revolution and frozen in time appeal of a grand old European city. We came as close as Dresden this last summer, but to our great disappointment we could not manage to travel to Prague. Now I am more determined than ever. As a result I have been hunting down hotels that can sleep a family of five. Here is what I have found so far.

Ungelt Hotel: The Imperial Suite in this apartment/hotel can accommodate a family of 5, moderate price

Pension Bob has 2 rooms that connect, moderate price,

Dum u Velke Boty has a suite on the third floor with two bedrooms, moderate to splurge, includes breakfast,

I’ll be adding to the list as we go. In the meantime, I will be traveling vicariously at




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