One More Sleeps5 (or even 6) for NYC


Back from NYC again. The Club Quarters Hotel Wall Street located on William Street in the Financial District has a number of options available for families of 4, 5 or 6.  We have stayed in one of the larger rooms with a separate alcove with a queen bed and a pull out sofa.  A baby crib would fit easily in this room.  There are also rooms that will accommodate four plus two more in a neighboring room.  There is an exterior door to both of these rooms such that the rooms doors could be left open with the outer “foyer” door acting as the one door between the connected rooms. 

The Club Quarters Hotel chain has locations around the world in largely financial business areas.  There are sometimes considerable price drops on the weekends.  The hotel on Williams Street is always competitive budget-wise.  There are additional benefits for members–we have never joined.  There are snacks and coffee, a TV in the lounge area and access to computers for printing boarding passes and so on.  The hotel does not have the usual cadre of valets and doormen looking for tips, which for some of us is a relief. 

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It is much more of a self-service establishment.  The staff are happy, however, to call you a town car for a trip to the airport. The staff is very friendly and helpful as well.  A block down the street you can eat an inexpensive buffet breakfast at the Koyzina Cafe and a designer cup of coffee can be had a few steps further at the Financier. Many attractions (World Trade Center, Wall Street, China Town, Little Italy, Battery Park, Stone Street) are within easy walking distance and the subway lines are plentiful in that area.

Please Note:  There is more than one Club Quarters in NYC, so make sure you are reserving the correct one (Between Wall and Williams Street).  We have found good deals both on hotel search websites and directly on the hotel’s website, that said, it is a good idea to call the hotel directly and tell them the ages of the folks you are bringing with you so they can make a room configuration suggestion. Click here to see the Sleeps5 full listing for Club Quarters Wall Street.

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  1. Sophie on November 29, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    Thanks for the review. I stayed there with my parents and boyfriend and we loved it! We believe we didn’t get one of the cheap rates, but I think it was worth it and made our experience in New York City even better. 4/5 would sleep again there.

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