Nice, France: The Riviera for a Family of Five


Ahhh the Riviera. Palm trees swaying; a walk along the Promenade des Anglais; cafe au lait at a side walk table. It’s all good. We have had an unseasonable cold snap here in Seattle followed by hail, sunshine, light rain, heavy rain, light rain, you get the picture. I started remembering a lovely vacation I once had on the Mediterranean coast of France. We made Nice our home base. Nice is close to Monaco and many other interesting sights along the Riviera.

In an effort to lift my spirits I searched the possibility of taking our family of five there. Here are two possibilities I found on either end of the financial spectrum. Prices were found in 2010.

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The Villa Saint Exupery,, is formerly a Carmelite monastery. It is now a hostel with rooms that will accommodate a family of five by themselves. The cost per night is 110 Euros, breakfast, wifi and a shuttle from the train station are included. It is located up a hill with beautiful views. The typical patron is young, but the surroundings are peaceful.

My second discovery is the Goldstar Resort, This is certainly on the more expensive end at roughly 350 Euros/night for a family of five and does not include breakfast unless you pay more. The presidential suite, which accommodates the family of five, has a kitchenette, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a pull-out sofa.

Bon Voyage!

Holly Jacobsen


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