In Search of Gelato in NYC’s Little Italy


Families still flock to the exuberant micro neighborhood in lower Manhattan known as Little Italy.  Some are searching for a cultural heritage, a romantic vestige of New York’s past, good food and or a festive atmosphere.  On our last visit our focus was GELATO–the gelato that carries us across the Atlantic and drops our taste buds back in Rome.

We found it on Mulberry Street, half way between Broome and Kenmare.  There stands M’O Gelato, a straight forward establishment with carefully curated flavors for gelato lovers to savor.  The gelato is made fresh each day, as such the store does not open until 1:00 pm but doesn’t close until 11:00 or midnight depending on the day.  It is an opportunity for parents to share with their children something concrete and authentic to Italy where only vapors exist elsewhere.

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Buon Appetito!


Note:  Check opening times at–it is a seasonal store.

Other places to check out Di Palo’s Food Shop on Mott street for artisan cheeses and other picnic items, be sure to snag a service number ticket as you come in the door.  If you are hankering for a rice pudding treat try Rice to Riches on Spring between Mott and Mulberry. For coupons to area restaurants and updates on the goings on in Little Italy go to

New York City Little Italy wall mural

Wall mural in Little Italy

Little Italy Fire House

LIttle Italy Fire House












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