Family of 5 in London for 46 Pounds Per Person Per Day


Readers have inquired: How much to budget for a trip to Europe with kids?

One big factor is the age of your family members. If you have toddlers, the total will be much less because they won’t need a regular meal, and you’ll probably not be able to visit as many tourist spots because little ones will need a nap, or time for a break in a park for free. And when you do pay admission for museums, toddlers will likely be free.

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Tourists around the world have written about their expenses. Here are visitors’ responses and articles from five Web sites which outline estimates starting at 50 euros per person per day, but they are referring to a couple of adults traveling together:
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How Much to Budget per Day on Lonely Planet
UK Budget Travel Tips on Europe a la Carte (website no longer exists)
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How much money to save up on Euro Trip

Our family travels frugal-ish: We stay at fairly nice budget-friendly hotels with a private bathroom, but we don’t splurge for a suite — we all sleep in the same room, and breakfast is included. We don’t attend shows, or eat in gourmet restaurants, or shop, or take taxis. But we do enjoy a sit-down meal at a restaurant once or twice a day, and each kid has a soda and hubby and I have a beer or glass of wine with one or both of those meals. Still, by altering any of those choices, a trip could be even less expensive.

Tower Bridge

Here are our expenses for London – you will need to account for inflation. Airfare is not included.

London, presented in Pounds, 2 adults, 1 10-yr old boy, twin 7-yr old boys:

5 days in London, 2005
The Elizabeth Hotel on Eccleston Square, no longer in business (not Elizabeth House Hotel on Warwick Way)
625 pounds — 5 nights, family room for 5, including breakfast

June 30
21.6 — lunch at Nando’s
8.6 — Tube one-day travelcard, family
47.5 — London Eye
17.95 — dinner at Garfunkles’
free – read books, wrote in journals, watched tv

July 1
50.6 — Tower of London, tickets included Tube one-day travelcard, family
35 — lunch at Cafe Uno’s
7 — treats
free — walked through Picadilly
40.04 — dinner at Blue Jade
took #11 bus from Victoria Station around London and back

July 2
9.3 — Tube one-day travelcard, family
24 — Westminster Abbey
free — walked near Big Ben
48.6 — lunch at Pizza Express
free — Science Museum
33 — Zetland Arms Pub, non-smoking section
free — watched Live 8 concert on tv at pub and later in hotel

July 3
6.4 — railcard to Greenwich, family
12 — Cutty Sark
42.57 — lunch at Cafe Sol in Greenwich
free — Maritime Museum and Observatory
12.72 — ready-to-eat dinner items from grocery store
free — watched Top Gear on tv

July 4
8.6 — Tube one-day travelcard, family
17 — Tower Bridge
free — visited King’s Cross Platform 9 3/4, a la Harry Potter
26.7 — lunch at Chop Chop Noodle
free – visited Beatles Store near Baker Street Station
free — Science Museum
free — Natural History Museum
51.6 — dinner at Spaghetti House


1146 pounds = Total for our family of 5 for 5 days in London. Equivalent to 229 pounds per day, which is 46 pounds per person, per day.

Sandy Nielsen


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