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The apartment company offers a series of apartment buildings in tourist areas of Barcelona. The units are divided by type, and have a wide range of daily rates for Deluxe, Standard, or Superior. There are plenty of apartments for five (5) or six (6) people offered at daily prices, all equipped with air conditioning and other modern amenities. There is 24 hour customer service available, along with assistance with city information. For an extra fee, daily cleaning is available. The website is excellent and offers details on FAQ and ‘more information’ pages. See travel review sites such as TripAdvisor for specific apartment comments.

Contact Info

MH Apartments
Barcelona, 08010

Telephone: ( 34) 933 238 790 Email:
Google Places:
Price: $$$


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Tips and Reservation Info

The website has excellent search features, click 'more information' near box "why book with mh" to see amenities.

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