Pouso dos Anjos



Located downtown Lisbon, near the Intendente Station, this 32-room hotel can accommodate a five (5) person family in a quintuple room with private bathroom. Be sure to confirm a room with private bathroom, as the hotel has some shared bathrooms.

Hotel Amenities:

This is a distinctly budget hotel. Towels, sheets, and soap may require extra fee. Internet access is free. Each room has a TV. Breakfast may be available for purchase.

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Contact Info

Pouso dos Anjos
Rua dos Anjos, 31
Lisbon, 1150-034

Telephone: 351213572759 Email: info@pousodosanjos.com
Website: https://www.pousodosanjos.com
Google Places:
Price: $$


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Tips and Reservation Info

Contact the hotel directly by email or phone to book a room for 5. Compare with hotel search website.


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