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3-star-no-image The pensione, Palazzo Ravizza, is located within the walls of the medieval hilltop city of Siena, within easy walking distance of all attractions. The hotel has a room that can accommodate a family of 5 with a king bed, pull out sofa and roll-away. You must contact the hotel directly and advise them of the number in your family so that the correct room is booked. Rooms have a TV, minibar, and summer months air conditioning.

Hotel Amenities and Location:

Secured, private parking is available. There is a book shop and a bar. The hotel offers itineraries to visit nearby attractions. The Palazzo has a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside from the terrace garden and from some rooms.  A generous breakfast is served in the morning by a cheerful and helpful staff.  Bottles of wine may be purchased and taken with glasses out to the garden. This  is an easy city to wander by foot. The walk to the famed Piazza del Campo, where the Palio is held, is only 10 minutes from the pensione by foot.

Sleeps5 Experience:

We enjoyed our recent peaceful and pleasant stay at the Palazzo during a mild November.  It was rather magical when we were there, sitting in the carefully maintained garden, gazing out over the landscape of Tuscany while the sun went down.  

We slept on the street side of the pensione, which was very quiet except for the tolling church bells around the city.  A small cafe is across the cobbled street where you can obtain an espresso and a snack in the middle of the day. 


The staff members were gracious and appropriate at all times. The Palazzo has a small gift shop as well. Siena is a beautiful, sophisticated city with many interesting and accessible sites. 

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Contact Info

Palazzo Ravizza
Pia dei Mantelli 34
Siena, 53100

Telephone: 390577280462 Email:
Google Places:
Price: $$$


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Tips and Reservation Info

Please contact the hotel directly about rooms that can accommodate a family of five.

Contact the hotel directly by phone or email to inquire about a room for 5.






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