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Hotels in Italy with a Family Room that Sleeps 5, 6, 7, or 8

Hotel family rooms in Rome, Cinque Terre, Florence, Venice, Siena, and Bologna which can accommodate 5, 6, 7, or 8 in one room are found on the city pages linked below. Blog articles about Venice, Rome travel budget per person, Roma Pass, cooking, dining, and shopping in Italy, are also linked below.


Click the image above or Rome (19 hotels) for locator map, room summaries, and to compare room price-ranges.

Other city pages have room price-ranges and summaries only:

Cinque-Terre-150x150Cinque Terre


Siena hotel family room sleeps 5Siena


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Roma Pass: Save Time and Money

Roma Pass: Save Time and Money

It was a short flight from Paris. So we didn’t need to run to the restrooms as one might upon disembarking from a longer flight. Instead, as recommended by many travel experts, we immediately found and entered the TI (Tourist Information) office at the Fiumicino Airport in Rome to purchase five Roma Passes for €30…

See Venice via Google Treks and DK – photos and maps

See Venice via Google Treks and DK – photos and maps

Imagining Venice: Stunning photos help us visualize our travel plans. I usually purchase a few travel-guide-books, sometimes even used-travel-guide-books to save money. (The landmarks won’t change much year to year, and I use the internet to get updated visitor info.) Often those books have plain pages, or perhaps black and white photos. To help us…

Family of 5 in Rome for 89 Euros Per Person Per Day

Family of 5 in Rome for 89 Euros Per Person Per Day

My family of 5 went to Rome in June, 2012. We are 2 adults (hubby and me), and our three teenage boys: 17, 13, 13 (twins, actually they were days away from turning 14). As described in my Paris budget post, we travel frugal-ish. We stay in nice but budget-friendly hotels, and we eat at…

Travel Spice Kit: Cooking while Traveling with the Family

One of the best ways to keep family travel budgets in check is to cook your own meals. What parent hasn’t seen their travel money rapidly swallowed up by restaurant charges? Equally of value is the cultural experience of shopping for groceries in a given country. A number of the hotels we recommend have kitchenettes…

Travel Games with Toddlers and Kids – Keep Them Entertained

Travel Games with Toddlers and Kids – Keep Them Entertained

I placed the saltine between my toddler’s toes. Then I maneuvered his foot toward his mouth so he could take a bite of the cracker, proving that parents get very creative when trying to entertain a little one on a long trip. He thought the cracker-in-the-toes routine was hilarious. He also thought it was funny…

Barcelona – Family Travel Dining Tips

We are dreaming of traveling to Europe again – maybe in 2011 we’ll get across the Atlantic Ocean once more. (We are saving those airline miles!) The kids have let me know that Spain is on their wish list. Our family of 5 loves big cities, so Barcelona will certainly be a top priority. Here…

Grocery Shopping in Tuscany

Grocery stores in Italy carry beautiful produce and other products. It is truly a treat to shop there, much like shopping in a high-end gourmet grocer in the United States. While we were staying in the more rural region surrounding Florence, we encountered a few different types of stores. In each little hilltop town, no…

Rome on my mind . .

My daughter just returned from Rome with her Latin class — lucky girl. Looking through her beautiful photos has me reminiscing. Check out this article with photos for a little virtual traveling EuroCheapo. Also for some great cost saving and consumer advice, EuroCheapo has an informative article regarding dining for the uninitiated or budget traveler…


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