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Located 6.5 km to Corfu Town, Greece this hotel has Family Rooms that can sleep a Family of five (5). Rooms are air-conditioned and have a TV, a mini refrigerator, and a balcony that overlooks the pool. Additionally, guests may request a crib (baby cot).


Many activities are available, including ping pong, pool table, children’s pool, swimming pool, tennis, basketball, playground, and fitness room. Internet access is available, wheelchair accessible and parking is free. On top of all that, rates include breakfast. There may be an extra charge for children over 5.  This is a good value hotel–excellent for families on a budget. The hotel’s website states “ideal for family holidays”.

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Contact Info

Bintzan Inn Hotel
7km National Road
Gastouri, Corfu 49100

Telephone: 30 26610 56081 e-mail :
Google Places:


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Tips and Reservation Info

Use the hotel's online booking request form, or contact the hotel by phone or email. Be sure to list your children's ages.

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