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This 80-room hotel is a 5-minute walk to Athens’ Plaka (historic old town). A family room sleeps four (4) persons and an extra bed may be added to accommodate five (5) people. Furthermore, each room has a TV, mini-fridge and air conditioning.


The Hotel Attalos has a bar with a TV.  Free internet access is available in a computer area, as well as in all guest rooms. In addition, a rooftop garden has seating with tables and a view of the Acropolis!

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Contact Info

Hotel Attalos
29 Athinas St.
Athens, 10554

Telephone: 30 210 3212 801 Email:
Google Places:
Price: $$


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Tips and Reservation Info

Use the hotel's online reservation system to check availability and book a room for 4. Contact the hotel directly by email or phone to book a room, or just to request an extra bed.

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