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The Eiffel Kennedy Hotel is a family-friendly Paris hotel and is conveniently located about a ten minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. A family of 5 can stay in the Connected Rooms. One of the connecting rooms has two Single beds and an Extra Single bed, and the other room has a Double bed.

A short, private, and lockable hallway connects the two rooms. It was nice to have this secure arrangement with a full and spacious bathroom and TV in each room. Rooms are small, but sufficient.

Hotel Amenities:

The hotel offers free WiFi internet access in every room, and our teens had no trouble with connectivity or internet speed on multiple devices. Each room also has a mini-bar fridge and a TV.

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*Note: the connecting rooms may not be available on hotel search websites.

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Sleeps5  Experience:

We easily walked to a metro station each day to reach everything in Paris quickly by metro. Up the hill is metro stop Boulainvilliers, which had an English speaking attendant who helped us purchase 10-packs of carnets (metro tickets).


Breakfast buffet is served downstairs, and offers quite a variety: plenty of coffee, juice, yogurt, cereals, fruit tarts, croissants, meats, fruit. Cooked eggs may be ordered.

The breakfast is an extra fee per person, which is expensive when multiplied for a family (younger kids eat at a reduced rate). But eating elsewhere in Paris, we found, could be even more expensive with much less food. We decided to buy breakfast at our hotel on 3 of our 4 mornings there and really fill up. It saved time compared with stopping at a restaurant to get ready for a day of sight seeing.

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Contact Info

Hotel Eiffel Kennedy
12 Rue de Boulainvilliers
Paris, 75016

Telephone: 33(0)1 45 24 45 75 Email :
Google Places:
Price: $$$$


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Tips and Reservation Info

Use the hotel's online reservation system to check availability for a 'connected room'. Book online for 4, then list your need for an extra bed in the comments area.
Or, contact the hotel directly by phone or email to book a room for 5. (You do not need to decide to purchase breakfast before you arrive. But it is an option in the online booking system.)
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  1. John on February 28, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    Hi, I really appreciate your website. I am trying to book a vacation to Paris and London for my family of 5 (3 teens). However, while you list a number of hotels that would accommodate a family of 5, my experience is different. My attempt to book these hotels indicates a max occupancy of 4 people at many of the hotels you list. These hotels aren’t saying that the room that would have accommodated 5 is already booked, but rather that their maximum occupancy room is 4 people. This has happened with virtually every Paris hotel you listed that I checked with, except for 2 that did have a 5 occupancy room (but was already booked). I think you need to update the max occupancy status for many of these hotels.

    • Sandy Nielsen on March 3, 2014 at 9:01 pm

      Thank you for your comment. It is indeed often very difficult to book a room for 5!

      We have found that many hotels have a room that can sleep 5 that is not listed on any website. And, though some hotels use an online reservation system that does not allow 5 guests to one room, and the hotel’s website may indicate a maximum occupancy of 4 guests, by contacting the front desk directly, a room for 5 may be booked.

      Keep in mind that hotel management may decide to allow a 5th person, with the addition of a baby crib (cot) or extra bed, depending on the child’s age. Some of the hotels on Sleeps5 cannot accommodate a family of 5 with 2 adults and 3 teens.

      Our recommendation is to contact the hotel by email or phone to inquire about availability of a room for 5. Please click on the “Tips and Reservation Info” tab in the orange box on each Sleeps5 hotel description for specific details and advice about how best to contact that particular hotel. Here is an article with more details about how to book a room for 5:

      Keep us posted on your quest, and if you find another hotel not yet listed on Sleeps5, let us know!


      Sandy Nielsen

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