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4-star-no-image-not-visitedThis is a website linking visitors to various houseboats that can be reserved for long or short visits in Amsterdam. There are a number that will sleep a family of five or more. All are privately owned and operated.


The houseboat is stationary and very much like a small apartment. Amsterdam is an expensive city and accommodations are no exception. These house boats will all be on the higher end of our rate-per-night spectrum but still may be considered a good value versus trying to reserve two rooms, as well as being an unusual experience for kids. The website cautions parents that houseboats are not safe for young children, who should know how to swim, and asks that potential renters email for advice, see email address in Contact Info below.


Contact Info

House-Boat Hotel
1073 VX
The Netherlands

Telephone: 0031 20 4712553 Email:
Google Places:
Price: $$$$


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