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In central Munich, this family owned hotel has 25 rooms. It offers a 4-bed room with two double beds, which can accommodate five (5) if the guests bring their own travel mattress and bedding (or sleeping bag), or bring a travel crib (baby cot) for an infant or toddler. The room has a shower, w/c, TV, phone, and includes wireless internet.


A breakfast buffet is included in the rate. The Hotel Eder is 150 meters to main train station, located on a quiet side street. The hotel has four floors, and no elevator. Parking garages are available nearby.The hotel’s email response, also, exclaimed kids are very welcome! The State Opera House is within a convenient distance.

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Contact Info

Hotel Eder
Zweigstrasse 8
Munich, 80336


Telephone: 49 (0)89 554660 Email:
Google Places:
Price: $$$


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Contact the hotel to check availability and book a room for 5.

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