Hotel du Nord



This 65-room Copenhagen hotel is 300 meters to Tivoli, 110 meters to the main train station, and can accommodate a family of 5 with a double bed, a double sleeper sofa, and an extra bed. Each room has TV, internet, and coffee/tea maker.

Amenities and Experience:

Breakfast buffet is included in the rate. Hotel du Nord is housed in a restored 1882 building, with a non-smoking floor, and an elevator just big enough for 5 people with luggage. The entry is up 2 steps from the sidewalk with an attendant at a desk and a sitting area with a sofa and oriental rug. The rooms and bathrooms are spacious and have high ceilings. Restaurants are nearby.

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Sandy’s family stayed here in Summer 2008.
IMG_0386Copenhagen_Hotel_du_Nord_room lt

Contact Info

Hotel du Nord
Colbjørnsensgade 14
Copenhagen, 1652

Telephone: ( 45) 33 22 44 33 E-mail:
Google Places:
Price: $$$$


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Tips and Reservation Info

Contact the hotel directly to inquire about a 4-person room with extra bed.

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