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Located 700 meters (under a half-mile) to Legoland, the 101-room Hotel Svanen in Billund has Comfort Rooms that can sleep a family of 5. All rooms include free internet access, and breakfast buffet. The breakfast buffet includes cheese, cold cuts, soft-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, sweet waffles, healthy muesli and fresh fruit.


There is an onsite restaurant and lounge. A children’s outdoor playground is near the lounge, and an indoor playroom with Lego, Wii, games, and cartoons is near the restaurant. Special room packages are available. Smoking and pets are not allowed. Parking and wireless internet are free.

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Contact Info

Hotel Svanen Billund
Nordmarksvej 8
Billund, 7190


Telephone: ( 45) 7533 2833 Email:
Google Places:
Price: $$$$$


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Tips and Reservation Info

Contact the hotel directly by email or phone to book a room.


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