Ryokan Kamogawa


4-star-no-image-not-visitedLocated near the Senso-ji Temple, this hotel has large Japanese style, non-smoking, rooms with tatami mats for up to 5 people, private bathroom and toilet, and a TV. There is a per person rate and children age 3-7 are 50% and age 8-11 are 70% of the per person rate. A baby who needs bedding is an even lower rate, and if no bedding is needed, a baby may stay free of charge.

Hotel Amenities:

Guests may purchase breakfast by paying an extra fee and informing reception of selection, whether Japanese or Western style breakfast, both served in the first floor restaurant. Dinner is also available for an extra fee, catered from a nearby Japanese style grill.

The hotel offers free wifi internet access, and there are two computers for guest use. The hotel also has a large Japanese style bath that guests may use privately, and in addition to the private room toilets, there are common toilets on the 2nd and 4th floors.

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Contact Info

Ryokan Kamogawa
1-30-10 Asakusa, Taito
Tokyo, 111-0032

Telephone: 03-3843-2681
Website: https://www.f-kamogawa.jp/english/index.html
Google Places:
Price: $$$$


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Tips and Reservation Info

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