Day 6 . . . College Tourcation: George Washington, Georgetown, Washington DC


Day 6 – 10 of this family vacation was spent zipping around Washington DC with the exception of an outing to Gettysburg. In a previous blog entry, Washington DC: Things to Know Before You Go, I wrote about sightseeing, so here I will just note our college tour experiences.

There are a number of great universities in DC: Catholic University, American University, Georgetown and George Washington just to name a few. Our hotel, the Washington Suites in Georgetown (for a description of the hotel check out, was located next to the George Washington campus. This is a true urban campus with university buildings right next to office and government buildings; the Lincoln Memorial is just a few blocks away. The greek system is a row of connected brick buildings resembling normal student housing with signs above the doors indicating their affiliation. The Foggy Bottom Metro stop is located right in the middle of it all allowing quick access around the city. There is definitely a high energy hum around the campus even during the summer. The campus basically abuts the charming Georgetown shopping area providing lots of shopping possibilities, however it is very pricey shopping. There is no extended grassy area within the school boundaries (that we could find) for resting or tossing the frisbee. It is truly integrated with the city.

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We also managed to visit Georgetown University. This school has a high on the hill presence with distinct campus boundaries. It is located in the Georgetown neighborhood near the river. The buildings are mostly old gothic types. The campus is compact in feel, but lovely in general. Again it is at the opposite end of the shopping district from George Washington University. There is a beautiful cathedral to visit. I understand crime is an issue in these DC schools but we felt safe and comfortable even in the evening — maybe because we are naive.

George Washington

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