Conwy, Wales


Holly’s family of 5, with 2 girls and 1 boy, ages 9-10, went to the UK in the summer of 2004.

Conwy Castle

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This was the penultimate castle ruin of our visit in the U.K. It greeted us directly as we arrived by train in the walled village on Conwy. The children insisted on climbing every turret and exploring every nook and cranny. The views from the turrets are beautiful over the water and village. Grandma was satisfied to take in the views from just one of the turrets.

Plas Mawr

This is a well preserved Elizabethen house depicting 16th century domestic life in Conwy. An audio guide is included. The tour was different from anything we had seen thus far and did not take all that long. There were many places to eat not far from Plas Mawr.

The Smallest House in Britain

This is a tiny fire engine red house outside the walled town next to the waterfront. The children’s interest was piqued so in they went. Needless to say a tour of the smallest house in Britain does not take that long.

Bodnant Garden, Conwy


This is mostly a lovely naturalistic arboretum outside of the village of Conwy. We traveled by bus. There are some formal perennial borders surrounding a pond and rose garden also. The Laburnum arch already finished blooming is one of its main attractions. It was well worth the trip if you like to visit gardens. We had tea and sweets at the cafeteria.


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