College Tourcation Day 2: College of William & Mary


Day two of the the college “tourcation” found us in Williamsburg, Virginia or circling Williamsburg as it may be. How we ultimately found our little hotel I can hardly say, but it helps to have GPS on your phone. The gas attendants are also very helpful and understanding about the circling problem, but I digress. . .
Day two, we awoke in Williamsburg having slept at the modest Rodeway Inn establishment. (see review on We nibbled on a breakfast of dry donuts, weak coffee by Seattle standards and an unusual granola snack. While not particularly satisfying, it was enough to get us out the door and on our way to Colonial Williamsburg–the recreated and restored seat of British government for the Colony of Virginia. It happened to be re-enactment week of the American Revolutionary War. The Red Coats were in fact marching in and making up camp when we arrived. Wearing those wool jackets showed true dedication (or something else) in that heat.
After exploring Colonial Williamsburg, and taking pictures with British “soldiers”, we headed to the end of the street where the College of William & Mary resides. This university was chartered in 1693, second only to Harvard in age. The school likes to point out on a plaque that they requested their charter first. This is where Thomas Jefferson and other founding father types were educated. The Wren building claims to be the oldest U.S. building with classrooms in continuous use. There is also an old building that formerly housed an “indian” school — a failed attempt at educating native Americans who it turned out were not interested in a European education. The College of William & Mary is steeped in tradition. The British forces, in fact, camped on the Sunken Lawn: a large sunken expanse lined by the old school buildings. The sun was starting to go down while we sat on the edges of that lawn resting Papa. After being asked, our sophomore aged daughter, who is a dancer, performed a lyrical piece to Rise by Eddie Vedder broadcasted from my husband’s iPhone. It was a special moment for our family.
The grounds are lovely and the buildings charming. The newer structures have been built in traditional style sympathetic to the original architecture. The Drama Department had a production going while we were there which we discovered by going through a series of doors that lead to the back stage. Oops! The admissions office is located on the Colonial Williamsburg side of the street across from the Wren building. We took a self guided tour which included lots of fun facts like the whispering wall.

Daughter’s comments: Pretty campus, liked the Sunken Lawn, I like how it was so old and all the history, the whispering wall.

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Hogwarts Factor: 2

Day 3 to be continued . . .

Holly Jacobsen


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