How to Take Better Travel Photos

I wish to be a better photographer. Of distant landscapes. Of towering buildings. Of architectural or garden close-ups. Or even of my teens who hate being the subjects of my photos. But alas, though the interest is still there, and I wrote a previous blog article about How to Take Great Family Travel Photos which…

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Best FREE Photo Editing Sites – links to reviews

My family travel photos are so plain. Most are of the 3 kids, who hate when I pull out the camera, try to duck out of the shot, and only stand or sit still after I’ve threatened or bribed them sufficiently. Typically, each photo has 3 miserable looking boys, positioned stiffly in front of some significant location,…

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How to Take Great Family Travel Photos

I received a Canon digital camera for my birthday just prior to our family trip to Germany and Denmark. My husband’s research of which camera to buy for me was dictated by one crucial factor: I was not interested in manipulating photographic choices for each shot — I just wanted to point and shoot. But…

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