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See Venice via Google Treks and DK – photos and maps

Imagining Venice: Stunning photos help us visualize our travel plans. I usually purchase a few travel-guide-books, sometimes even used-travel-guide-books to save money. (The landmarks won’t change much year to year, and I use the internet to get updated visitor info.) Often those books have plain pages, or perhaps black and white photos. To help us […]

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Discount Airlines in Europe

European Discount Airlines: A lot of non-Europeans are unfamiliar with the discount European airlines. Our family found them to be an easy and inexpensive alternative to the train and the big name carriers. Buyer beware however, a number of the bigger budget airlines start with low teaser rates but then tack on fees and surcharges […]

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How to Book Your 5 Person Hotel Room

Sleeps5 lists hotels, guest houses, aparthotels, and hostels with accommodations suitable for a family of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or even 10 guests. The best travel cities are included, such as Paris, London, New York City, San Francisco, Rome, Tokyo, Singapore, Montreal, and many more. Sleeps5 adds cities and hotels continually. Unless otherwise noted, […]

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Resources for Family Travel – Cell Phones, Credit Card Foreign Fees, Kids on Planes

Great advice from the experts: Three links for your international family travel. (photo is of my experienced-traveler-kids) 1. Prevent unexpected cell phone chargesJD Rinne, of Budget Travel, explains Europe’s cell phone network and how to determine your best options from roaming fees, disposable phones, disabling features, voicemail charges, and service providers. Links to other sources […]

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How to Find Family Airline Ticket Savings

Anyone can learn how to save money on airfare by reading the articles produced by the staff at Their web pages are detailed with easy to follow steps, and some have accompanying video reports. As the CEO, Rick Seaney, says on the company’s website, “I want to help travelers fly wherever they want, at […]

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