Airbnb Experience with the Family: 6 Pluses & Minuses

Our Family Used Airbnb in Europe – A Review Toe in the Airbnb Water This is the travel year the Jacobsen Family would jump into the modern travel world via Airbnb. One would think that with my own travel site, bargain shopping habits, and burgeoning family, I would have been an early adopter. Not so!…

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Sleeps 5, 6, 7 in Cornwall

Our family just returned from a lovely holiday in Cornwall, England at Heath Farm Cottages. The farm is located near Coverack, a charming fishing village on the southeast side of the Lizard.   Heath Farm Cottages Amenities Some of the cottages can accommodate 5 guests with two bedrooms for a family of four plus a…

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How Much to Budget for a Disney World Family Vacation?

How Much Does Disney World Cost

Wondering how much it costs for a family vacation to Disney World? In his article on Finance Yahoo, What it Really Costs to Go to Walt Disney World, Brad Tuttle compares four sample family trips to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. (If you click to the Finance Yahoo article link, scroll down below the second…

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Tips for Using Dallas Light Rail with Kids

Dallas Public Transportation Light Rail

Using big city public transportation is key to our family travel budget. Besides just being pretty fun for kids to experience the ride and the scenery along the route, navigating the transit maps and the ticket options and payment systems becomes a lesson in geography, math, and technology. My kids are teens now and very…

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Computer, Computer, On The Wall Who Has The Cheapest Flight Of All?

Discount Airlines

Airfare Search and European Discount Airlines: The research tool, SkyScanner, was recently brought to our attention when we were looking for a flight between Newquay, UK and Dublin, Ireland. Skyscanner helps travelers find the least expensive flights around the globe. The Skyscanner site is straightforward and simple to use. Once a flight is selected, users…

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Big Apple Christmas Album (NYC)

In the winter months, visitors to New York City enjoy exuberant holiday decorations. There are Christmas trees and wreaths with bows and lights hanging everywhere! Statues, foyers, window displays, and entire buildings are adorned or draped with festive symbols of the season. “This was Christmas Eve in New York. This was the city dressed in…

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Visit DC Museum of Natural History – in Person or Online

Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. receives about 7,000,000 visitors each year. You can be part of that number and go there to see it for yourself (it’s free – no admission fee!), or “visit” by using the Smithsonian’s amazing virtual tour. Or, do both! For a virtual visit of Venice,…

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Vicarious Gastronomic Travel

scandinavian Fruit soup

What it is and What it isn’t Upon re-reading of main title, I would like to clarify that this post is not about observing someone travel out of the room due to a meal of alien origin. Although, this has certainly happened to me either “vicariously” or in first person. No, this is about a yearning…

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7 Family-Friendly Restaurants – Waikiki, Honolulu

Oahu Hawaii

Our Family of 5 went to Waikiki for Christmas! Waikiki is a bustling neighborhood with tall buildings and busy beaches in the city of Honolulu, on the island of Oahu. The restaurants below are all suitable for families with kids of any age. Most of them have high chairs or booster seats available. All but…

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Latest Manhattan Discoveries for Sleeps5 Families: off the Beaten Path

Here are 3 places to explore in New York City, beyond the usual must-see attractions on a Big Apple visit. Something for everyone!   Walkers: My daughter and I stumbled into lush and leafy Teardrop Park tucked between residential buildings in Battery Park City of Lower Manhattan. This park is definitely aimed at kid fun…

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