Computer, Computer, On The Wall Who Has The Cheapest Flight Of All?

Discount Airlines

Airfare Search and European Discount Airlines:

The research tool, SkyScanner, was recently brought to our attention when we were looking for a flight between Newquay, UK and Dublin, Ireland. Skyscanner helps travelers find the least expensive flights around the globe.

The Skyscanner site is straightforward and simple to use.

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Once a flight is selected, users are then transferred to the carrier or seller of the ticket. In other words, visitors do not reserve the ticket through Skyscanner itself, unlike Expedia or other popular search engines. We found that European discount airlines consistently showed up in Skyscanner’s search results, which was really helpful!

[Please note, families can search for hotel rooms that sleep five on the Skyscanner website, as well as for car rentals.]

Below, is a link to another Sleeps5 post that is a compilation of European discount airlines.

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