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My family travel photos are so plain. Most are of the 3 kids, who hate when I pull out the camera, try to duck out of the shot, and only stand or sit still after I’ve threatened or bribed them sufficiently. Typically, each photo has 3 miserable looking boys, positioned stiffly in front of some significant location, each trying not to stand too close to his brothers, because that would be terrible.

Here’s an example:

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See what I mean? Look at those smiles on the two shortest. Can you tell they are just hoping to get the picture-taking over with, and that I had to delete 3 or 4 shots of them glaring or appearing stone-faced, and that finally they complied with a fake grin? Except the teenager in the middle never did comply! Rest assured, that once the agony of my picture taking was over, we continued on our way to a fun viewing of Fourth of July fireworks together, sitting on a blanket in a park.

I’m sure I’ll never get them to enjoy having their picture taken, so I’ll give up on that aspect and stick to what I can control, which is the angle, lighting, distance, and so on (see my previous post with links for “How to Take Great Family Photos) and then, when we’ve returned home and are planning and editing the travel photo album, fixing the flaws and adding fun stuff.

To help me improve the interest-factor of my shots, here’s a helpful link that showcases free photo editing sites.

Five Best Online Image Editors, on, by Jason Fitzpatrick.
For each of the five listed photo editors, a screen shot is included showing the features and page layout, along with a full paragraph about the pros and cons. Over 2000 visitors tried the editors and voted on their favorite. Click on the link above to find out which was deemed best.


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