Bath, England: Family of Five in Bath (pronounced “Bawth” if you’re an American)


Our family of five took a lovely foray into Bath one summer. In fact, it was possibly the highlight of our trip to the United Kingdom.  So many serendipitous moments, kindness extended by local folks and beautiful weather made for special memories all around.

Places to See:

Among the various places to visit was a mandatory trip to the ancient Roman Baths. My kiddos, 9, 9, and 8 at the time enjoyed our visit to this exhibit so much they wanted to go again the next day and were equally amused. That is a first and a last so far in our family for historical exhibit repeats. 

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Other outings included a river walk, and a visit to the central park. The Salvation Army happened to be having an open sing along at the park. It is not always open to nonresidents, so our accidental timing was superb. 

Another park we visited outside of the Crescent led to an impromptu cricket match with some local folks and their Australian visitors. We realized that our families represented three continents among us.

For this fan of Jane Austen, our stay had to include a visit to the Jane Austen’s Centre. It is a small and manageable exhibit for young ones who might not share your keen interest. 

Overall, Bath was an easy place to visit for a young family with many interesting sights, places to eat and parks to rest in.

Where to Stay:

While our trip planning was straightforward for sightseeing it was not easy to find a place for a family of five to stay together.  In fact, this trip to the U.K. led to my interest in developing the Sleeps5 website for other parents.  Since then a travel site has been brought to my attention called Bath Holiday Rentals. See the full Sleeps5 listing for Bath Holiday Rentals.

The site includes numerous, carefully curated, accommodations for families of five including in-town apartments and holiday cottages in the surrounding environs. Inquiries are promptly responded to by the very gracious, proprietor Alexa Voisey.   While rates are listed on a per week basis, Ms. Voisey can accommodate shorter stays as well.   A few locations that stood out included:  the Bath Lodge Castle for all princesses and knights in the making, the Argyle Riverview Flat for those wishing to be in the Centre of all things Bath and lastly, the oh so charming and budgetary minded Leigh Bake House a 14th Century Cottage.

Final Word:

Bath is a magical place that has been clearly treasured since the time of our ancient ancestors.  Please let us know at Sleeps5 about your own experiences and adventures there.



Holly Jacobsen


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