25 Best Disney Websites to Save You Money

Disney Saving Money Websites

While searching the internet for Disneyland Anaheim-area hotels with rooms big enough for a family of 5 or more, I came across so many wonderful websites devoted to helping people visit a Disney park (or cruise) without spending too much money.


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See our Sleeps5 family hotels pages for large family rooms for Disney World in Orlando, Disneyland in Hong Kong, Disneyland in Tokyo, and Disneyland in Paris.


Total Cost for a Disney Family Holiday:

A Disney holiday can be very expensive. Sometimes, online travel forum comments and Disney experts detail expenditures for various families.

For example, VacationKids.com estimated a total of $3,485 and described the possible scenario details for a family of 4 over 1 week at Disney World, not including transportation to get there.

See our blog post highlighting researched ranges of total cost for a family to visit Disney World, an article from Yahoo Finance.

Online Resources to Save Money at a Disney Park

The variations of choices in accommodations, meals, and activities are endless, and thankfully the following websites can help with decision making.

Some websites focus on just one Disney park, and may or may not briefly describe others, while some provide plenty of info about more than one Disney property. Many also include info about Disney cruises.

While there are many websites about Disney properties and Disney news and Disney history, those are not included here.

This list only includes websites that provide substantial content devoted to educating family travel planners about saving money and experiencing Disney while minimizing stress.

The websites below are full of Disneyland and Disney World deals, Disney vacation packages, and will provide details on how to plan a Disney vacation. A family trip to any Disney park won’t be cheap, but with the right tips and hints and resources, you can save money!

If you have info to add about any of these websites, or know of others to add, including foreign language Disney planning websites, please do type that in the comment box below!

**Note: the list below is in no particular order, and is organized by the primary location focus**

-Sandy Nielsen


Tokyo Disney Resort


Konnichiwa Mickey

Blog format with categories about food reviews, hotel choices, and saving money tips. Wonderful photos and engaging writing.


Hong Kong Disneyland Resort


Hong Kong Traveller

While the overall website is about all of Hong Kong, there are multiple excellent articles pertaining to Hong Kong Disneyland, also known as HKDL. The additional article links, such as events, places to stay, and descriptions of the park’s various areas, are found at the bottom of this main Disneyland guide page.


Shanghai Disney Resort


The Theme Park Guy – Shangai Photos

This website offers photos galore and other info about theme parks worldwide. There are some money saving tips about Disney as well. The website is extensive, has a professional polish, and is written with some good-humored attitude.


Disneyland Paris


DLP Guide (connected to magicforum)

Info for visitors including hotels and dining and theme park descriptions, and planning guides for DLP, which is short for Disneyland Paris. See the Guest Info section for tips.


An active discussion forum for DP community, tied to the DLP.info website.


Disney World and Disneyland


MousePad (connected to Mouse Planet)

Very active discussion board about US properties, and includes a forum for international Disney travel.


Huge collection of articles by various authors pertaining to anything Disney, including helpful tips, construction, rides, events at the parks, and accommodations. Somewhat cramped layout, and hard to find topics, but a wealth of info. Type a topic in the search box, or select Park Guides, then select Articles to scroll through the titles.


tips from the Disney divas & devos

Blog format with many easy to navigate double menu. Writing is thorough and the tone is enthusiastic. Includes video and text tips, packing lists, and reviews of dining and attractions and other features. Also has cruise info and reviews.


Couponing to Disney

Creatively organized and easy to navigate website with 4 menu tabs showing ways to save money with coupons every day, with theme of saving for a trip to Disney. And another 4 menu tabs showing info and ways to save on a trip to Disney World or Disneyland. Includes cruise articles.


Military Disney Tips

Extensive website focused on military discounts for US parks Disney World and Disneyland. Also has easy to find info about general information, accommodations and technology.


DIS (connected to DISboards)

Simply-styled website, with extensive links to articles and videos about WDW and Disneyland.


A popular, comprehensive resource, with very heavy user traffic, that gives “ Disney fans a place to share their experiences with each other, and to assist each other in planning Disney vacations.” Includes links to restaurant menus, travel agent, ticket purchasing, discount info, hotels, and more. Website includes cruise and Hawaii info.


Mouse for Less

Blog format with articles about planning a trip to WDW or Disneyland and available discounts. Includes cruise info, reviews of park features and events, and message boards in a “community” tab that are quite active on many subjects, plus Yahoo groups.


Undercover Tourist

Sells discount tickets to many theme parks and attractions. The Blog section includes planning info articles well organized with easy to find topics listed in the sidebar. Also has a ride wait time app, data about busy times, descriptions of accommodations and dining.



Info, descriptions and photos of Disneyland and Disney World, and other Disney topics. Moderately active forums. See the links to further planning articles at the bottom of each park’s Planning section. Though the format and font are tight and small, this website has a lot of info and observations, organized in easy to understand drop down menus. Most words in ‘bold’ within the text are a link. Nice article about photography and equipment in the About section.


Luxury Disney Vacations

For those who wish to splurge. Polished website provides thorough descriptions and photos of accommodations and dining options at Disney World and Disneyland for those interested in a luxury experience. Includes cruise and Hawaii info. Select a location from the top menu, then a subtopic on the right to see individual park feature, hotel, and dining reviews and photos.


The Affordable Mouse

Blog format, with broad double menu navigation to enable organization of blog articles by topic such as saving money. Then a reader needs to scroll through blog article titles. Website offers free planning worksheets and ebooks.



Simple website design with descriptions about park features, hotel and dining info. Most menu items present more related menu links on the left, as well as within the text. Cruise section is included. Also has video tips and reviews, and a very active forum for viewers’ reviews of features, hotels, and dining under the Rate/Review menu item. Info about worldwide Disney properties is in the accommodations and dining and theme park menu subcategories.


Disney Tourist Blog

See the top or right side menu for Planning Guides for each of the Disney properties. These include thorough descriptions and advice, along with photos and resource links. See the Hot Topics heading on the right for high quality articles about ticket purchasing, dining, and packing lists with plenty of links to purchase recommended items. Love the Photography articles with advice about best spots in Disney parks to capture scenes, and even advice about camera equipment. The website’s articles receive a multitude of visitor comments.



Very easy to use, up-to-date and extremely thorough website with excellent layout design and navigation about Disney discounts and ways to save. Includes overviews and resource links for all the Disney properties, including Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo, and cruises. See the Frequently Asked Questions page for help about how to best find info.


Disney World



Well organized extensive website with easy to find links and ways to save money at Walt Disney World. Love the color coded links to basics on the home page, broad topic links on the left, detailed category links on the right. Many visitor comments assist the info sharing. Plenty of detailed actual cost advice.



Mouse Travel Matters

Blog article format with tips for planning a trip to WDW and saving money, and finding products. Also some articles about Disneyland Paris.


Plan a Magical Vacation

Comprehensive step by step planning guide in a simple format, with many menu items such as dining, hotels, helpful tips, tickets, info for other parks, plus planning tools and worksheets.


Explore the Magic

Extensive, easy to navigate menus with planning checklists, info on hotels and dining, park descriptions. Also has a moderately active forum, plus some info about other Orlando attractions.


Magic Guides

A blog format website that is easy to navigate. Many posts about Disney World hints, maps, planning ideas, and tips for saving money. It has a bit on Disneyland in California, also.


Trip Savvy

Smart Parent’s Guide to Walt Disney World article has basic info and links to other articles and resources.


Disney’s Cheapskate Princess

Cute, entertaining blog format with thorough articles about saving money. Start with the Vacation Planning Tips section for a list of articles organized by topic.




Disneyland Vacation Tips

Extensive website with detailed navigation categories. It has an enthusiastic vibe, bright layout design, and well-presented menu options. Many tips about maximizing a Disneyland experience, divided into easy-to-read, brief snippets.

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25 Websites to Save Money at Disney Parks


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