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Sleeps5 provides direct links to the listed hotels, which all have a room that can accommodate a family of 5.

Unless otherwise noted, all the listed hotels include a private bathroom (ensuite). If the hotel’s online reservation page will not allow entry of 2 adults and 3+ children, then phone or email the hotel directly to inquire about availability and price. For info about contacting the hotel, look for the ‘TIPS AND RESERVATION INFO’ and ‘CONTACT INFO’ tabs found above the map on each Sleeps5 hotel page. Examples:

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Why do families travel?– “Are we there yet?”

Let’s face it, there is always a point on any family trip when you wonder why you ever ventured from your front yard. For the Jacobsen five, our lowest of lows came when the cattle truck we were riding in broke down in a deep stream (cattle cars are not amphibious it turns out) somewhere […]

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See Venice via Google Treks and DK – photos and maps

Imagining Venice: Stunning photos help us visualize our travel plans. I usually purchase a few travel-guide-books, sometimes even used-travel-guide-books to save money. (The landmarks won’t change much year to year, and I use the internet to get updated visitor info.) Often those books have plain pages, or perhaps black and white photos. To help us […]

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One More Sleeps5 (or even 6) for NYC

Back from NYC again. The Club Quarters Hotel Wall Street located on William Street in the Financial District has a number of options available for families of 4, 5 or 6.  We have stayed in one of the larger rooms with a separate alcove with a queen bed and a pull out sofa.  A baby […]

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Family of 5 in Rome for 89 Euros Per Person Per Day

My family of 5 went to Rome in June, 2012. We are 2 adults (hubby and me), and our three teenage boys: 17, 13, 13 (twins, actually they were days away from turning 14). As described in my Paris budget post, we travel frugal-ish. We stay in nice but budget-friendly hotels, and we eat at […]

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Sleeps 5 Hotels – Family Friendly Submissions

Dear Sleeps 5 Community – We have had a couple of recent submissions from areas that we do not yet have on our site.  But they looked great and we want to pass them along. Emilio Arroyo from the charming La Casa del Puente (Cantabria Mountains in Spain) writes: “We have Family Suites for 3-4 […]

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In Search of Gelato in NYC’s Little Italy

Families still flock to the exuberant micro neighborhood in lower Manhattan known as Little Italy.  Some are searching for a cultural heritage, a romantic vestige of New York’s past, good food and or a festive atmosphere.  On our last visit our focus was GELATO–the gelato that carries us across the Atlantic and drops our taste […]

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Sleep5 Hotel: NYC

This last week, we stayed at a wonderful old historical inn located in the Financial District of New York City.  The tranquil Wall Street Inn is an unexpected oasis in the middle of the financial hubbub, close to historical sights like the Stock Exchange, Trinity Church, World Trade Center Site, Civic Center, Seaport and easy […]

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